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The smart handling of liquid chemicals. Quickly connected. Safely dispensed.

Semiconductor manufacturing

Designed for high purity, maximum safety and every application.

General industry

Your upgrade for increased safety and cleanliness.

Complete Systems - ready-to-connect

Dispensing Stations – Standard and Customized

High-precision manufacturing

Customized solutions made of high performance plastics

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Here at A.S. Plastics Technology, Inc. we strive to accomplish a good customer relation and further expand our plastics innovations and needs into the future. Customer satisfaction has been part of our company culture that extends from our ground floor of production to the executive level. This type of mentally has lead us to be successful in meeting all customer needs as well as providing custom driven solutions for different applications.

Timely Delivery

Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to meet todays demanding timelines.

Quality made affordable

Efficient manufacturing and technical experience allow us to offer high quality products at low prices.

Customer Based Solutions

Over 30 years of experience and customer input give way to new innovations and custom designs.

about us

who are we ?

A.S. Plastics Technology, Inc., with its headquarters in Texas, is responsible for distribution of AS products as well as for customer service on the US market.

As one of the leading manufacturers of chemical dispense systems, AS provides customers from the semiconductor, solar, pharmaceutical, chemical and electroplating industry with the patented QC-System (Quick Connect), worldwide. Furthermore, AS develops and produces complete ready-to-connect systems, serial parts, customized products and complex devices from high performance plastics. Intelligent solutions made in Germany - developed in the USA